What's My Franklin TN Home Worth?: Franklin TN New Construction: Are Home Inspections Necessary?

Franklin TN New Construction: Are Home Inspections Necessary?

Franklin TN New Construction: Are Home Inspections Necessary?Due to the limited housing inventory in Franklin TN, many buyers are turning to new construction homes. It's easy to see why large numbers of buyers are opting for new construction. Not only do they get to choose their finishes but they also get new roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems.

If a buyer was purchasing an existing home, he would always get a home inspection. After all, he's not an expert in roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating or cooling systems. Why then does that same buyer think it's not necessary to get a home inspection on new construction?

Primarily because he feels he has some added protection through the one-year home warranty offered by the builder. Unfortunately, without a home inspection there's no way of knowing if everything is working properly.

At the new construction walk-through, buyers create a punch list of items that the builder needs to correct prior to closing on the property. Most of the time, this list consists of cosmetic items. Why? Because buyers are usually more concerned with the interior cosmetics than they are the exterior facade or the mechanicals under the house. They assume if there are other problems, they'll be discovered as they live in the house. While this may be true, some things may go undetected for years. In other cases, they may never be revealed.

Franklin TN New Construction: Are Home Inspections Necessary?How often do you go into the crawl space to inspect for plumbing leaks or damaged ductwork? When was the last time you went in the attic to make sure it was properly insulated? Or used an infrared camera to look for leaks behind the drywall? A Franklin TN new construction home inspection will reveal problems such as these.

Some new construction homes are going up so quickly, there's bound to be things overlooked. A home inspection provides the buyers with the confidence of knowing everything has been tested by someone who doesn't directly profit from the sale.

Franklin Homes Realty LLC feels so strongly about having a home inspection on new construction, we'll pay for it. Just one more reason to use us for the purchase on your Franklin TN new construction home.

We currently have four new construction homes under contract priced between $683,000 to $940,000. We will pay for a home inspection on every house.

Today, an inspection was performed on one of these homes. Fortunately, the inspection didn't reveal anything significant. However, there were a number of items that the buyers never would have noticed, including:

  • Franklin TN New Construction: Are Home Inspections Necessary?windows painted shut
  • gas leak in crawl space
  • loose flashing around eaves
  • crimped air ducts in crawl space
  • uneven cabinet drawers
  • openings in brick siding that need to be sealed
  • wood trim too close to gas light fixture
  • missing vent covers
  • soft close cabinet doors missing (the buyers paid for soft close doors everywhere)
  • recessed can not flush with ceiling
  • shower fixture flange pulled away from wall

As I said, nothing on this list would cause alarm, although, the discovery of a leaking gas line into the crawl triggered the immediate attention of the builder's construction superintendent. He called the necessary contractor right away to get this corrected. 

The other items would probably have gone unnoticed by the buyers. Having an unbiased set of eyes inspecting the home gave them additional peace of mind.

Many buyers opt-out of having a new construction home inspection because of the additional cost. These buyers were happy they hired Franklin Homes Realty LLC and didn't have to worry about that expense. Not to mention, the satisfaction of knowing nothing major was wrong with their new construction home. 

When you're ready to buy a Franklin TN new construction home, call Franklin Homes Realty LLC at (615) 495-0752.

Franklin TN new construction: Are home inspections necessary? Absolutely.

Tammie White, Managing Broker/Owner
Franklin Homes Realty LLC
Franklin, TN
(615) 495-0752 
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Comment balloon 5 commentsTammie White, Broker • October 20 2015 07:21PM


Tammie White I agree with having an inspection on all homes. New or older homes gets inspected and can give peace of mind to the buyers and sellers. And when any issues are found they can be fixed promptly to minimize any further deterioration of the home.

Posted by Ted Glover, ABR in Moultrie, Georgia 229-854-5422 (Alderman Classic Realty, LLC) almost 3 years ago

Tammie - I never thought about this but you really made the point.  It is easy to cover sloppy work and the average homeowner won't see.

Posted by Grant Schneider, Your Coach Helping You Create Successful Outcomes (Performance Development Strategies) almost 3 years ago

Tammie,  Buyers need to know:  Always. Always. Always hire an agent to represent them and always get a home inspection even on a new construction home.  The cost of the inspection should never be a consideration.  PERIOD.

Posted by Kathleen Daniels, San Jose Homes for Sale-Probate & Trust Specialist (KD Realty - 408.972.1822) almost 3 years ago

Hi Tammie - Excellent post. We always encourage our new home buyers to perform an additional inspection 11 months after closing, just before their 1 year warranty expires.

Posted by Dick Greenberg, Northern Colorado Residential Real Estate (New Paradigm Partners LLC) almost 3 years ago

Ted - A couple of things turned up last year on new homes we had encouraged buyers to have inspected. When the buyers had problems getting results from the builder to honor their warranty, they called us. We did get a contractor in there who was able to tell the builder what he needed to do to remedy the problem but I would have rathered this not happened. A home inspection prior to close would have revealed the problem.

Grant - In defense of the builders, a lot of subcontractors are coming and going at these new builds. The building superintendent can't be at a job site 24/7 babysitting these guys. His goal is to catch problems prior to close but having another set of eyes helps him out. I am finding these builders are very open to having a home inspection. They want to keep buyers happy but they also realize, they can miss things.

Kathleen - The majority of our new construction business is coming from buyers at a higher price point. Maybe buyers under $600K don't think it's necessary to have an agent. Whatever the case, they are better served by having their own representation and home inspection.

Dick - That is another good time for buyers to inspect. Especially, if they didn't have an inspection prior to moving in. 

Posted by Tammie White, Broker, Franklin TN Homes for Sale (Franklin Homes Realty LLC) almost 3 years ago

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